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Network With a Twist launch meeting

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Network With a Twist meeting 

Discuss roles and expectations - commitment level

  • Lead Business Manager 
  • Houston- Business manager 

Responsibilities of LBM

  • Serve as the head liaison for all events all over the City
  • Train new staff members to help meet performance goals
  • Create Social medial content with correct grammar and English structures
  • Coordinate events, as planned according to the event agenda submitted
  • Create and maintain budgets for each event
  • Negotiate contracts with key vendors for optimal performance
  •  Build a contact list of vendors, Business owners, Photographers, Videographers and Designers
  •  Manage tasks of virtual assistant, and other Business managers
  •  Purchase shirts for events, as necessary
  • Record KPI’s for events to ensure improvements



  •  Project manager and time efficient
  • QuickBooks
  • Social media management
  • Correct grammar and detail oriented
  • Able to manage multiple projects, at once

Discuss Operational Task moving forward 


Everyday Task

  •  2x Facebook post                          PM – Facebook growth
  •  2x Instagram post                           PM- Instagram growth
  •  10x Record 10 venues                      PM- Build list of contacts
  •  3x Tweet a day                                  PM- Twitter growth
  • 1xBlogging 300-500 words          PM- Site visits/ Member sign ups

Weekly task

  • 10x Email 10 Business owners                     PM- Positive response
  • 10x Contact 10 vendors (shirts)                    PM- Price recorded 
  • 2x Create/Post 2 YouTube videos                    PM- views/ Channel growth
  • 2x Create 2 Mail chimp campaigns                  PM- Mailchimp analyses
  • 10x Solicit Sponsors                                           PM- sponsors that sign up
  • 10x Solicit participants                                       PM- number of leads
  • 4x Submit event agenda                                     Pm- rating given by PF



  • 1x-infinte Manage events planned
  • 1x Record/Photo event content for marketing
  • 1x Newsletter covering event
  •  1x Customer surveys about experience


Discuss Event Task List - apart of duties 


Discuss Business manager onboarding needs/Training 


Discuss Next steps  

1. Free Networking Training Seminars 

  • Network Grafitti 
  • Leverage app for engagement 



  • Solicit sponsors,
  • gather content,
  • signup members,
  • signup participants 
  • Gather feedback 


Performance Goals 

  • 1. Network With a Twist user sign up100
  • 2. Network With a Twist growth of social profiles 
  • 3. Postive feedback from atendees and retention 
  • 4. Gain sponsors for main event 
  • 5. Sign up participants 
  • 6. Produce an intro video into the purpose and mission statement 
  • 7. Expand concept into different Cites, while making a difference 
  • 8. Create a large database of venues, Business owners, Videograpahers, in every City 
  • 9. Produce quality event content for social media, possibly go viral
Later Event: October 17
Meeting to follow up - October 17